About Us

The people in our team, our passion for technology and our partner networks are the main drivers of our business.
We created the Entegra (ENTErprise iNTEGRAtions ) with the idea of ​​combining the unlimited possibilities of information technologies with the best business practices of different industries. Using Entegra as a basis we can configure solutions that meet 100% of the unique business processes of our customers, particular department and specific user role.
Implementation results are not limited to highly desirable increased reporting, improved control and cost optimization. First of all, the customer gets an improved vision of their business and reliable business data that is the basis of the confident steps ahead in the chosen direction.

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Quality management system

ENTEGRA has developed, implemented and certified by QalityService, Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 - Certificate QS-11156 / 04.12.2014. The scope of application of the system is "Design, development, implementation and service of IT solutions based on IT and products."