Farm & Crop Management

Effective farmimg – turn your filed numbers and data into profitable decisions.

To do a high performing Agriculture today having cost and profitability per filed, per machine and operator is critical. On the other side materials control and planning is a challenge since grain producing is a „manufacture“ with variable season on season crop demands and inputs. Nevertheless planning and management is a must. N.E.X.T. Agriculture is a NEXT generation Farm Management platform that is enabling the farmers to plan, track, manage and estimate all processes happening booth in the field and in the farm yard.

All filed activities and materials are covered from the platform: the dally filed jobs with , materials spent per field (fuel, seeds, fertilizer, plant protection), spare parts and fuel per machines and all transactions for purchase and stock quantities on the other side. At a glance at the Active Working screen, you receive information about realtime cost per filed withdrawn and remaining materials, etc. Take data driven fine tuned decisions based on expected yield and grain prices forecast on the one side and real time costs per filed, machine. Fast and convenient printing of a transfer / transfer transaction.

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N.E.X.T. gives entire Farm Management solution to companies that have grain producing but also grain storage facilities for raw materials. Tracking daily traffic - entry / exit to the base, with up-to-date information about.

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