Top 6 key benefits as result from Entegra ERP implementation:

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10% costs saving

ERP system reduces administrative and operations costs by eliminating and automating repetitive proecesses.

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30% higher job easines

Significantly reduced manual input and double operations. More free time and concentration for other tasks.

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30% better colaboration

Improved teamwork and customers service trough centralized and consistent business data.

60% more reliable data

Higher data accuracy and consistency. All data and analytics are safe to use, without risk of errors.

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100% profitable decisions

Take data driven decision based on data integrated within Entegra Agri from several systems.

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Enhaced company growth

Achieving sensible growth in business and revneue with same number of employees.

Commercial activity management

Entegra enables companies to effectively manage all aspects of their business - from the initial contact with the customer to the shipment of his order. Entegra includes, but is not limited to, the following features:
Supply chain managed flawlessly. Improved visibility across the entire supply chain allows managers to anticipate and plan their needs for new purchases and deliveries.
Your warehouse is an independent and live ecosystem. Covering all aspects of warehousing operations for all your locations – demand for goods and current stocks, transfers of goods, counting and inventories.
Sales - fundamental for any business. A set of flexible tools for effective customer relationship management and sales. At any time you know what is your profit / realized markup, and the reporting price includes all associated costs of delivery.

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Production Planning and Management

A combination of tools to help you producing a quality product at the right price. Through the Entegra you can manage the entire production process more accurately and efficiently:
Entegra has a full set of functionalities for the excellent management of the processes of purchase and delivery of materials and raw materials for production.
Easy and convenient visualization of the status and progress of orders in real time. Additional capabilities for scheduling and re-scheduling production tasks directly through the schedule, using drag & drop functionality.
Entegra is monitoring the formation of a correct production cost of production. Many processes accompanying the production are subject to management and reporting - packaging, palletizing, label printing, packing lists, certificates, etc.

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